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I have never seen anything like this.

Get in this as fast as you can, it's going crazy.. we have some big marketers above and below us. The pay plan is like nothing you've ever seen. Spillover and spillunder is happening right now.

Cost is $15/month - no hidden costs, no upsells, no upgrades. No qualifications to earn or receive commissions. No free members. $15/month is easily offset by commissions. Simple yet powerful 3 step pay plan produces life-changing results.

In a nutshell....

1. 3x4 pays $4/person no matter who brings them in.
2. 3x5 pays $4/person no matter who brings them in.
3. 3x10 pays $5/person.. this is unheard of.

You do the math.

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Posted by:
James Peddie (Individual) ,phone icon 0640795778

Posted on: 09/25/22 , Total Visits: 225

Location: Worldwide

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